AWW Academy stands outstanding from other academies for its 'cohesive analysis'

Hussain Al Sharoufi, Ph.D.
Originator of AWW

Academic Writing Wizard, AWW, is a new web-based application that helps teachers and students alike in achieving their academic goals easily and effectively. AWW helps students plan, organize, write, and edit their academic essays using a new idea in teaching academic writing, Lexical Cohesive Trio. AWW provides teachers with an exceptional environment to assign essays, receive students’ essays, mark them, and provide a comprehensive feedback on every single paragraph. Teaching academic writing is a laborious and daunting experience, especially for non-native speakers of English. After 15 years of teaching English as a foreign language and applied linguistics at several universities, I observed that the main problem in teaching writing skills lies in the absence of effective software that can help students create their own roadmap of essay writing. Academic Writing Wizard is the new solution to solving writing problems. In fact, the idea of this web-based application draws upon several applied linguistic theories that primarily investigate lexical cohesion in text. It is my sincere hope that educators and students find this application both useful and interesting.

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